arts4peaceposter2“Arts for Peace” is a global charity that is currently in Tanzania, Malawi and Haiti.

Each and every child gets an ‘Essential Binder’!

These binders contain arts and educational supplies that are critical to educating a child in impoverished rural areas where classrooms lack desks and even basic school supplies.

To-date, we have provided arts and essential school supplies to 2,400 children in impoverished rural areas of Tanzania, Malawi and to 800 children in Haiti.

We wish to thank all of our donors this last year for their caring and support, and we’re absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the donations and the interests in this worthy cause. We welcome our new volunteers and value the expertise and creative ideas they bring with them to the project!

To contribute to “Arts for Peace” Charity, please consider a donation and/or your valuable time and efforts that can help send art materials and essential education supplies to impoverished schools around the world.

Get Involved

FolderContentsDonate an “Essential Binder” for a student in Africa who does not have school supplies.

See instructions below. To build your Essential Binder: Take a 1″, 3–ring heavy duty View Binder, and fill with following items:

  • A 3-hole zippered pencil pouch (containing 2 pencils, an eraser, a six-inch ruler, a pencil sharpener, and a box of 12 crayons)
  • 40 – 50 sheets of ruled paper
  • 40 – 50 sheets of plain paper
  • 40 – 50 sheets of assorted colored paper

Give the completed Essentials Binder to your Home Room Teacher, or contact (630) 697-4441, and a volunteer from the ThinkGlobal ArtsFoundation will pick up your completed Essentials Binder and ship it to Africa. It is that EASY! Also, a message of Peace will be delivered from Naperville to Tanzania and Malawi.
Folder Contents
You can also get involved by volunteering your time, or by making a contribution!


HandOutA special thank you to all the volunteers and donors for helping with the Arts For Peace project. Below is an update feed of what we did to make sure that these children received their Essential Binders:

  • Spring 2012 – We have been waiting for this day! Finally, pictures from Tanzania have arrived, showing children from schools in the rural areas receiving our Essential Binders. The packages were shipped to Tanzania almost two years ago, but the distribution process was waylaid by bureaucracy, red tape, customs delays, and other related issues, but all issues are now resolved, and the Binders are in the hands of the children.
  • Spring 2010 – ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation shipped 800 Essentail Binders to Haiti school children. This was all possible in partnership with Wheatland-Salem Church and RR Donnelley & Sons. We thank all the Volunteers from “Up With People” and Wheatland-Salem Church, who made this possible.
  • September 2, 2009 – ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation have finally received pictures of our Essential Binders being distributed in Tanzania! This is very exciting for all of us! This has indeed been a long, exciting, and sometimes frustrating journey for us, but all is well that ends well! Ashwin Sampat has shared these fantastic pictures with us!!

All this magic started to happen June 2008 when ThinkGlobal Arts Foundations, donors, and volunteers learned that schools in Malawi and Tanzania are very poorly furnished, to the extent that they may not even have CHALK to write with. We feel if each family in Naperville, IL would contribute at least one pencil, we could ship it to Africa! This was the start of “Arts For Peace”, a plan to help the impoverished children in 24 schools in Malawai and Tanzania. It is planned that this community-wide charity event will try to collect new and/or used art materials in boxes conveniently located around Naperville. Volunteers will package the materials into kits (a kit will consist of everything needed to complete an art project). The kits will be divided equally to impoverished elementary schools by shipping 1,200 to children in Malawi and 1,200 to children in Tanzania.


Supplies were collected from September 15, 2008 – October 1, 2008 at the following locations in Naperville:

  • District 203 Administrative Center, 203 West Hillside Road
  • All District 204 Elementary Schools
  • Anderson’s Book shop, 123 W. Jefferson Avenue
  • Kroehler Family YMCA, 34 S. Washington Street
  • Fry Family YMCA, 2121 W. 95th Street
  • School of Performing Arts, 200 East 5th Avenue, Suite 132
  • Xilin Asian Community Center, 1163 e. Ogden Ave, Suite 301