Watoto Children’s Choir

WatotoWatoto is accomplishing its mission of raising Ugandan leaders by focusing on the essential needs of parentless children – specifically the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. Founded in 1992, Watoto takes in orphaned children between the ages of 2 and 12 and places them in families, providing food, shelter, education, health care, and family values.

We believe that as the children are trained academically and spiritually, they will enter society equipped with the necessary life skills and moral values, enabling them to make a significant and lasting impact on the future of Uganda.

Watoto currently operates 3 children’s villages and cares for over 1500 children. The villages include over 130 individual homes, each accommodating 8 children and a house mother. They also contain a complete school system for the Watoto children and the surrounding communities, a medical clinic, a church / community center, an agricultural project providing food, a clean water source and electrical power. The result is a self-sustaining village that serves the children while providing employment for women and teachers, and steady jobs for laborers.