Let there be Peace on Earth ….. and let it begin with a Peace Pole in Naperville

Naperville now has its very own Peace Pole! The community has a place where they can gather and contemplate thoughts on peace. The Peace Pole is easily accessible to all, located at Veterans Park at 303 E. Gartner Road in Naperville.

This Peace symbol is a gift to the community of Naperville from a local non-profit organization called ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation. The foundation has been conducting peace initiatives in Naperville for the past decade, most notably in a city-sponsored annual Celebration of Peace, helping to bring the community together under the umbrella of peace. The organization continues to inspire our children, youth, adults and seniors with rich educational and cultural programs that use the arts to promote cultural awareness and peace. Please visit www.thinkglobalarts.org to learn more about this organization and future events.

The Naperville community Peace Pole, a gorgeous 8-foot tall, brushed stainless steel structure, is a nonreligious/nonpolitical monument. The pole contains the following laser-inscribed message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”, in 12 different languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Cherokee, Russian, French, Japanese, Tagalog, German and Swahili.

The original peace pole was the inspiration of a Japanese poet and philosopher named Masahisa Goi (1916-1980). After witnessing the terrible destruction of the Second World War, Goi searched for a method to bring people together in a way that transcended all boundaries of culture, religion, and politics. “The answer was a peace pole with the inspiring message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth”. Peace Poles can be found all over the world, in schools, community centers, churches, mosques and temples. To date there are more than 100,000 Peace Poles in over 180 countries around the world. Some notable places include the North Pole, Ground Zero in New York City, and the site of the former Berlin Wall.

The Naperville Peace Pole symbolizes the dedication of the Naperville community to world peace. The Peace Pole dedication ceremony on September 19th brought the community together in celebration, offered another perspective to appreciate different cultures, traditions and customs. Also honored was Dr. Sandy Renehan, Principal of All Saints Catholic Academy, as Naperville’s Peace Advocate 2015.

There are a variety of activities in which the community can celebrate peace with the new Peace Pole – some ideas are listed below:
+ Arrange picnic gatherings at the park to celebrate Peace
+ Hold recognition parties to celebrate achievements of our children and youth
+ Declare annual peace days sponsored by service organizations to emphasize and highlight peace as an alternative strategy
+ Honor citizens for their various achievements by the Peace Pole