Celebration of Peace 2009

Event Calendar (October 15th – Novemeber 15th)

Date Event
Tuesday, September 8th
  1. Guidelines Packet for Creative Stamps Design Contest, Peace Poster Contest and Peace Essay/Poem Contest given to School Districts 203, 204, and Private schools in Naperville area.
  2. Please fill the formal Authorization for Permission to display and use the Stamp Design or Poetry/Essay in our website and/or in other publicity materials.
  3. Arts for Peace” collection information given to Schools, Libraries, and Book Stores, and Art Stores in area.
Monday, September 21st International Day of Peace at Brookdale Elementary SChool, by The Peace Garden (near the playground), from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.
Tuesday, October 6th Mayoral Proclamation of “Celebration of Peace” 2009,
at Naperville City Council Meeting Room (7 pm). All are welcome!
Thursday, October 15ht ‘Peace month BEGINS!’

Start of 30 Days and Ways to practice Peace!

  1. Peace buttons are available from ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation for those practicing Peace this month. Please call (630) 697-4441 for your button!
  2. Start of “Arts for Peace” Charity Drive, for the second year!
  3. Donate an Essential Binder filled with school and arts materials! See your teacher for details. Please visit your local Library, Book Store, or Art Store, to see an “Arts for Peace” Essential Binder.
Friday, October 16th Keynote Address by Alex Counts (Open to high school students only) at Naperville Central High School from 1pm – 3pm.

Reception & Talk by Keynote Speaker Alex Counts at Whole Foods Lifestyle Center from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Location: Whole Foods Market 2607 W. 75th Street Naperville, Illinois Phone: (630) 904-0669
Open to entire community

Monday, October 26th Creative Stamps Design Contest, Peace Poster Contest and Peace Essay/Poem Contest, Final Submissions due !!!

Peace Poster Contest Rules

Arts Judges Panel: Creative Stamp Design & Peace Poster – tba
Peace Essay/Poem Judges Panel: TBA

Thursday, October 29th Film Festival – Black Nature of the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars at North Central College’s Meiley-Swallow Hall from 7pm – 9:30pm.
Monday, November 2nd “Artist in Residence” program with Nani Agbeli (Open to Districts 203 & 204 students) from November 2-6 (Monday through Friday).
Friday, November 13th Press Conference for Creative Stamps Design Contest, Peace Poster Contest and Peace Essay/Poem Contest at Naperville City Hall from 7pm – 8pm.
Saturday, November 14th “WE ARE ONE”, a grand multi cultural event. Mark your calendars for a show that you would not want to miss at Wentz Concert Hall & Fine Arts Center from 7pm – 9pm.
Sunday, November 15th Peace Month Ends.