arts4peaceposter2“Arts for Peace” is a global charity that is currently in Tanzania, Malawi and Haiti.

Each and every child gets an ‘Essential Binder’!

These binders contain arts and educational supplies that are critical to educating a child in impoverished rural areas where classrooms lack desks and even basic school supplies.

To-date, we have provided arts and essential school supplies to 2,400 children in impoverished rural areas of Tanzania, Malawi and to 800 children in Haiti.

We wish to thank all of our donors this last year for their caring and support, and we’re absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the donations and the interests in this worthy cause. We welcome our new volunteers and value the expertise and creative ideas they bring with them to the project!

To contribute to “Arts for Peace” Charity, please consider a donation and/or your valuable time and efforts that can help send art materials and essential education supplies to impoverished schools around the world.